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The Dungeon Run Podcast

Jul 1, 2022

A NEW ADVENTURE BEGINS! Five strangers find themselves magically transported to a strange, frozen landscape with no explanation. Each unique in their own way, they do their best to come together in an attempt to understand what's happened to them and why. But the harsh tundra and dangerous beasts won't make it easy to...

Jun 17, 2022

Meet the characters of The Dungeon Run Campaign 2, each in their own prologue story before next week's premiere! Each hero is introduced in a private game with the two Dungeon Masters to establish where they came from and how they get swept up into the adventure!

DUNGEON MASTERS: Ron Ogden & Jarred Kjack

SAINT: Jessica...

Jun 10, 2022

As the situation inside the magical dungeon grows more dire, are compelled to go deep within the subterranean structure once again in order to assist the escape of their cohorts. Along for the ride is Drooth, a charismatic Tabaxi Cleric who brings new meaning to the term "Scaredy Cat." Together, the four of them set out...

Jun 3, 2022

Morgan, Jess and Katie are joined by Kari Lee Cartwright and newcomer Adam Slemon to talk about their characters from the upcoming Campaign 2 and make some party predictions! Then they dive into another chaotic round of Jackbox!

May 27, 2022

After barely surviving their previous adventure, the unlikely foursome of Red, Zel, Zeph & Stro are dropped into a strange "stress test," where a mysterious figure challenges them to a series of puzzling scenarions. But the voice inside Zel's head has returned... and they may have other ideas.